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Wer braucht eigentlich eine Antivirus-Software?

The importance of an antivirus program is unquestionable in our technological world, and everyone who owns a computer or mobile device should protect themselves. There are a lot of different security products on the market. Each product offers different features and works a little differently.

Your job is to know what you need and then choose a product that meets your needs.

It’s a mistake to think that with Windows 11 you don’t need to install antivirus software because of the built-in Windows Defender protection. Don’t fall victim to these false protective ideas.

Why do you need antivirus software despite Windows Defender?

Windows Defender is nothing more than a new updated version of the old Microsoft Security Essential, with the difference that this program is now pre-installed in all Windows 10 and 11 computers. The program offers a certain level of basic protection and works in the background so that it does not get in your way or disrupt your daily activities.

The only downside, and this is an important point, is that Windows Defender simply doesn’t provide enough protection. Unfortunately , when you compare the program with the  leading antivirus programs , Defender performs very poorly and is found at the bottom of the list. Other products simply do a better job when it comes to protecting your personal data and files or even hardware from unwanted attacks.

How to choose an antivirus program for Windows 11

In order to find the right antivirus program that meets your personal needs, you should ask yourself a few questions. Here are a few questions to help you choose:

  • Which devices  do I need to protect? Is it a laptop, a PC or a mobile device e.g. B. a cell phone?
  • Which operating system, besides Windows 11, do I work with?
  • What is my vulnerability  when it comes to security? Is it  email protection , spam, backup of my important files,  online security  or perhaps something else?
  • Are there  additional features , like parental controls, that I need?

Once you have answered these questions, it will be much easier for you to choose the right antivirus program. All programs that do not suit your devices, your operating system or do not contain the features that are important to you will be eliminated immediately.

Another thing you should consider before choosing antivirus software for Windows 11 is how you use your devices. Antivirus programs often have different features that specifically protect different types of activities. For example, if you only use your computer to watch movies, use streaming sites, or play games, you will need a different antivirus program than someone who uses their computer primarily to write emails or browse.

Features you should have

It is important to divide the different features into those that are absolutely necessary and those that are not absolutely necessary. Make a list of excellent security programs that include all the important features. These include:

Browsing Protection  – Many websites contain  malware  that can infect your computer. Look for a protection program that  includes real-time malware protection  that also works while you browse . This feature blocks websites that contain malware before you can visit them.

Behavioral Detection – Behavioral detection is not offered by all security programs, although it is a significant feature. Behavioral detection looks for behavior patterns that indicate malware or viruses. This feature helps to detect new unknown viruses and attacks, i.e. viruses that have not yet been identified.

Firewalls – Every security software has a firewall that protects you from attacks before they reach your computer. However, you should look for a firewall that also monitors your connection and prevents unwanted guests from logging onto your WiFi network, thereby stopping access to personal information.

So the question still arises: Best virus protection Windows 11 – how are you supposed to know which is the best virus protection provider? We make it easier for you by testing and evaluating the leading products for you! Now simply select your favorite for “best virus protection Windows 11”!

Don’t take your security lightly. No matter which operating system you use, even if it is Windows 11 with the current Windows Defender, you should also use an antivirus program that really protects you all around. Check out our Top 5 Antivirus Programs reviews and tests page.


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